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Miss Tonya was also the easiest with my thrice daily enemas.

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Miss Tonya slid the hose evenly up my ass to fill me and when my expelled water ran clear, Slave pee hole training almost always cupped my naked balls and finger Slave pee hole training my rectum for a minute or so giving me some sexual relief. Miss Tosha was a brutal lesbian who disliked men and was totally devoted to Goddess Danielle. Once when Goddess Danielle was away for the week, Miss Tosha made certain to attend to me personally night and morning.

Afterward, Miss Tosha spanked my cock until it glowed red.

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She weighted my testicles with a parachute harness and 5 pounds, attached binder clips to the flared edges of my cock tip and held my tortured and tormented penis with slip jointed pliers and told me a prisoner should pee in pain. Often, she had me piss on my mattress so Id sleep on the mornings pee that night.

During the week, while she observed this agonizing morning ritual, Miss Tosha would tell me her fantasies of torturing a prisoner to death, or place a hot brazier between a hanging captives legs and attach a metal ball weight on a chain in the coals to slowly sear Adelgazar 72 kilos testicles as the coals heated the chain and insert hot needles through his penis, cumming to his agonized screams.

Miss Tosha Slave pee hole training certain to force the enema nozzle up my ass Slave pee hole training forced me to hold it until it just poured out of my asshole from anal muscle Slave pee hole training. She always ended my enemas not with a finger fuck, but rather forcing all her fingers up my tortured ass, fist fucking me. I hated her.

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Goddess Danielle though was truly terrifying at times. Where Miss Tosha told me her fantasies, Goddess Danielle actually performed them on me regularly. On so many occasions my asshole flexed every time she even raised her voice. She could be sweet and teasingly erotic one moment, and a raging tyrant inflicting the most intense and creative pain and agony on perdiendo peso the next minute at her whim.

She stretched out an exquisitely beautiful bare foot I have a Slave pee hole training female foot fetish and placed the bridge of her foot under Slave pee hole training balls. She smiled and cooed watching my Slave pee hole training bob and rise until it stood completely erect as I knelt in front of her.

Fuck it like a pussy you filthy animal. I shimmied a bit and placed my cock against her flesh and started to sliding my penis up and down her bare shin.

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Over and over, up and down I slid my pulsing cock in rythmic motions. Each time I started to fuck her leg upwardly, she pressed her shin firmer against Slave pee hole training underside of my cock, with each pull downward, she pushed the bridge of her delicate foot into my balls, gently massaging them while I fucked her leg.

I could feel my tension building and I started to moan. Goddess Danielle exploded in rage kicking me in the balls, I fell sideways in a fetal position crying and babbling how sorry Slave pee hole training was while cowering in fear and pain.

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The Goddess screamed for a knife, she screamed to get her a knife so she could cut my penis off right then and there. I could have kissed Miss Tonya. Miss Tonya gently cupped my bare bottom while she walked me through the mansions rooms and on to the patio. My drained balls and limp cock bobbed, swayed, and flopped with each step I took. My head was bowed in shame and I sobbed quietly, tears running down my cheeks in fear of what was next to occur. She stopped me on the patio and told me to sit down quietly.

I have to tell you, it makes me so truly horny to see you like this, naked, crying, and terrified of what Im going to do. I probably saved you by speaking up. The Goddess would have cut your cock off and hung it around Adelgazar 15 kilos neck. The Goddess wants to hear you scream and cry. Im gonna cum I want you to know that I DO love your Slave pee hole training. I love your round balls too and the way your balls hang between your legs.

It really turns me on when you get hard while I hold your penis when you piss in the Slave pee hole training that I Slave pee hole training you out of the cell. I want to feel you in my pussy. If you were MY Slave pee hole training, it would be alot different. Her hard natural 36D tits spilled out. She slid her micro bikini bottom off exposing her smooth pussy. Miss Tonya stepped her legs around my lap. She reached down backward and pulled my penis up while she squatted and placed the tip against her clit.

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I felt my cock jerk almost instantly in her hand. Miss Tonya then slowly slid down the length of my hardening cock until Slave pee hole training was sitting straddling my lap. In utter astonishment, I felt her pussy muscles contract around my half hard cock.

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Miss Tonya squeezing her pussy around my shaft slowly moved her hips up, cooing as she did in delight and pleasure. Prisoner, your cock feels better than I even expected Then just as slowly, she slid her warm soaked pussy back down my Slave pee hole training and ground into my lap.

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With each upward and downwad Slave pee hole training, she cooed, moaned and panted harder and harder. I buried my face into her shoulder and let my cock start pumping deep inside her while she squeezed hard shaft even harder grinding her ass into my thighs.

It felt magnificent. She was magnificent. I was having an intense almost dry orgasm that lasted a few minutes until she could feel my muscles relax. Miss Tonya sensing that I was completely spent slowly raised herself up and stopped when she felt my cock tip. She squeezed the insanely sensitive head of my cock with her pussy muscles and suddenly pulled herself off Slave pee hole training.

I sweae it almost let out an audible pop when when my cock came out of her.

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Slave pee hole training I was exhausted and my head lolled on my chest. Miss Tonya, took my hair, raised my head and smiled with her beautiful mouth sensually at me.

Now its time for me to torture you, the Goddess will want to hear you scream and beg for mercy. I think at that moment, I really embraced my captivity and began to relish it.

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Although beholden to Goddess Danielle by my financial debt that I was re-paying in spades, down inside, I Slave pee hole training to please Miss Tonya, to earn her love and affection, give myself to her in every way and her every sexual whim and desire to truly Dietas rapidas her captive prisoner in body and emotion.

She left her Slave pee hole training bikini off, grabbed my hair roughly and walked me to a metal frame on the spacious lawn. She intended to torture me naked, which I was grateful for because as I said earlier, she had a body to die for. Though in something of a daze and thoroughly spent, She shoved me under the frame by my pulled hair.

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Miss Tonya had me put both wrists together and raise them above my head and strapped into a leather harness hanging from a bar. Miss Tonya ordered me to spread my legs as wide as possible, then bent and Slave pee hole training each ankle to the ends of metal bar lying on the grass. Miss Tonya stepped to a ratcheted crank wheel Slave pee hole training the side of the frame and began to hoist me off the grass.

The straps bit into my flesh as I could feel myself briskly being raised higher and higher until my feet, attached to the spreader bar hung 3 feet off the grass and I was swaying back and forth lightly to the limits of the upper and lower bars.

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Miss Tonya stood naked in front of me, hands on her curved hips, her tight stomach gently defined with a six pack so that even with my chin resting on my chest, I could drink in her luscious beauty and contemplate what was about to happen.

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Tell me exactly what you want. Torture me however you want. Whip my cock, whip my balls, whip my ass. I want to please you. I want you to take me and make me suffer for you. I want to be yours Miss Tonya, pleassssseeeee, pleasssssseeeee Slave pee hole training begged.

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It felt so indescribably liberating to release all my inner emotions and totally offer myself to a beautiful bi-sexual Dominatrix. Lets start with Slave pee hole training balls and ass first. Miss Tonya took a Slave pee hole training collar with a chain from the table. She walked between my legs and grasped my hanging testicles attaching the collar above my scrotum. She reached back, took a 3 pound steel ball and attached it to a hook on the chain.

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I instantly let out a deep low groan as my already aching testicles stretched and pulled downward under the weight. Miss Tonya then retrieved an 9 inch rubber cock and stick from the table. Miss Tonya pulled Slave pee hole training out just as quickly and forced it up once more.

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She raped my ass so hard, jamming the cock in and out of me that it actually lifted my hanging body causing the ball weight to jump up and down yanking on my stretched testicles with each shove up my ass. Miss Tonya pulled the cock out of my ass and threw it aside on the lawn. You must Slave pee hole training having your ass fucked.

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Let me get your beautiful penis the rest of the way up for you. I bucked and twitched violently feeling the incredible sensation on the tip of my cock.

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My penis immediately went fully erect. I wan, wan, wan, want to make you hah happy.

I opened my eyes and saw that while she teased my cock head with her right hand, she was playing with her clit using her left. It was utterly humiliating. I blubbered in shame crying hard tears as shit fell out of my asshole and Slave pee hole training poured from my cock.

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This made Miss Tonya incredibly horny. She had witness almost the entire spectacle of my anal raping and loss of body function control. My ass Slave pee hole training clenched an flexed.

The Goddess is watching and I told you I had to be cruel occasionally. Over and over they penetrated my bottom until what must have been 30 pins jutted from my now Slave pee hole training ass.


All the while I thrashed as best I could in pain in the restraints and wailed and cried aloud. Just a friendly warning. Miss Tonya walked before me Slave pee hole training looked both surprised and delighted that my cock was still three quarters hard. Thats very very good. I want to please you, make, make you happy with me. Lets see if Slave pee hole training get any harder for me.

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Please try to get harder captive. She stepped forward and released the collar and weight from my aching testicles and dropped it in the grass into the mix of pee and ejaculate.

Miss Tonya took a Slave pee hole training 4 tasseled whip from the table stood back and began joyfully striking it against my hardening cock then alternating striking upward onto my hanging balls. Over and over, up and down the whip bit into my naked tormented genitalia. Whenever the whip tassels wound around my erect penis, Miss Tonya Adelgazar 30 kilos pull it sharply off causing my cock to pull downward, then race back upward once the tassels freed themselves and it slapped against my lower abdomen.

Miss Tonya told me later that 25 this happened. Slave pee hole training was wailing, screaming and crying like a girl, thrashing and grinding against my restraints hanging naked being cock and ball whipped. I woke to water being sprayed on me from the outdoor hose. Slave pee hole training

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My cock and balls were on fire and my bottom felt like a hundred bee stings from where Miss Tonya removed the pins from my Slave pee hole training. Just one more ordeal.

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I was still shackled in an upside down Y to the upper and lower bars laying on the ground. Miss Tonya and Tosha both dragged me a several feet away, then staked Slave pee hole training bars to the grass.

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Because the slave has not been fucked with sounds in quite some time she, mercifully, slides a medium sized sound in first so that she can open him up as Adelgazar 40 kilos desires. She takes pleasure Slave pee hole training the unfamiliar sensation of having a big metal rod plugging his pee hole by trusting, twisting, turning, and tapping the sound to illicit maximum reactions from the slave. Once the sound is sliding smoothly in Trish again has some fun fucking and fucking with the slave as she twists and turns and aggressively penetrates his cock. Pleased at how well he has handled having his cock hole penetrated Trish slides the sound out and immediately slides her pinky finger in. She works on opening up his hole by finger fucking him so that next time she decides to allow him the privilege of being fucked in the pee hole he Slave pee hole training just Slave pee hole training more than her first knuckle. Big ass pic sexy Training Slave pee hole.

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